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Procesoare audio, FM, DAB, HD

More than 29 years of experience

 Our specialty above all is processing audio signals. Backed up with more than 29 years of experience in this field, we naturally began in analog technologies only to go on to open up new horizons in digital. In the past, our team has already signed numerous innovations and products that have made a difference on the markets.

  After sound HD/FM Processing, we have launched a new range of Audio IP Networking solutions.

  In 2010 we have launched the first multichannel Voice processor and also integrated the Livewire Audio IP standard. Today a majority of our products are compatible with Livewire. This product already received two distinctions: The Innovation Trophy at Paris in 2010 and the Pick Hit Award during the NAB 2012 in Las Vegas.

  April 2012,  we launch a new product range dedicated to WebRadio bouquet... This product (SOUND4 x8) has received a Cool Stuff Award during its first presenation at NAB 2012 at Las Vegas!


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